'SHE' is my first collection of poetry, a feminine call of and for environmental protection.

Here is some wonderful feedback from those who have read SHE.

"Thank you for the beautiful book of poems. You are definitely tapped into the same energy I am, ...the first poem made me cry. It is as if your message is the same one in my heart."

"SHE is beautiful. I have just finished reading it and SHE is wonderful. I love the way it is bookended by 'Slow Down' and Rest Deeply' (both of which are gorgeous). There is some truly powerful and beautiful poems in there. I love 'Falling Women' and 'In the Roots of A Tree'. It is such a work of love to and for Mother Earth. Amazing Beth, it feels quite sacred. Congratulations and may many people be blessed to read you work."

"What a joy to open heart and read the wisdom of She, such grace, such beautiful pointing to our great parent, thank you Beth,"

"It's beautiful! It is so well written, clean-cut, with no words wasted, and powerful images, and the layout is so harmonious. It's really memorable, the kind of book to look forward to going back to, and reading slowly and enjoying each line."

"I am very much enjoying your poems, in their exquisite binding... I particularly like Stay Awake and Running Inside so far, but am reading slowly, savouring it."

"Wonderful book of poems. Really!!! I loved reading them. I'll get one for my friend too. Well done you. Loved it!"

"I received 'SHE' today, beautiful"

"SHE is so elegant"

SHE is now available at £10 at the following shops:

The Phoenix Shop, Findhorn, Scotland

Indigo, Oxford.


SHE is A6 size so small enough to put in your pocket and/or bag when you walk to the wild places or park. Cosy to rest under your pillow.

SHE is also available directly from me at £10. Please contact me on beth@bethwoodcock.com (A small p and p charge will be added for more than 1 copy and addresses outside UK).