Close To The Earth

We are of this Earth and Close To The Earth takes women on a journey of reconnection, through walking the land and creativity in all forms. Reconnection with self and the Earth, our 2 homes.

I wake with the birds and sing my song as the dawn brushes off the slender night, silent whispers of a shy moon. The moons from Spring...worm moon, hunger moon, flower moon...each moon a name for what is happening around us.

Moon and Sun radiating, pulling and moving us, the animals and plants into full radience and blossoming.

The earth is awake and vibrating with so much life growing up from the fertile soil, feel it under your feet, her waters in your palms. A time of dancing, singing, celebrating life and bursting open.

Re-connect with self, re-connect with the pace of real life, with your own heart beat.

Connection is heartfelt. Connection gives meaning to our lives. Connection feeds our souls. Come re-connect.