Close To The Earth

Once upon a time we all lived Close to the Earth. Really close. But over time we, well some of us, kind of drifted away from it, moving so fast we no longer feel ... the wind on skin, water running through fingers, feet crunching through leaf over hills, or our own hearts. We moved so far away we thought we stopped being part of it. It...the Earth or Natural World, a life given being. The Earth is a rich, life giving being who sustains, nourishes and nutures us.

Close To The Earth is a place to re-remember this connection, with the Earth and with ourselves.

Close To The Earth is based on collaboration.

Collaborating and creating with others through song, story and art, walking and caring for the land, coming into our bodies and hearts and listening, and taking this into action.

I'm Beth, or Elizabeth, and I join with others to offer opportunities to reconnect. Friendship and connection, collective creation nourish me deeply. So does caring for the Earth.

I was blessed to be born in the North Pennines of Northern of England, where I live now. You can see some of my art and writing at my artist website, Beth Woodcock.

I hold a post graduate diploma in Environmental Values, am a wordsmith (SHE) , storyteller, artist , guided walk leader with the Lake District National Park, event organiser, gardener with RHS training, and am coming back into my voice, having studied Raga singing, toning and Natural Voice work.

I have worked in business as a Managing Director, and after my daughter was born created and lead kindergartens and youth groups.

I've studied with the Micheal Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. I am also a featherstone energy healer and Reiki practitioner.

I am DBS checked and hold First Aid at Work and in the Outdoors.

My intention is to create environments where we can come back home. To be able to rest into self as part of the whole, joyfully, peacefully, and sustainably with others and The Natural World.

Together we come back to who we are, to remember we are one.