The spinal realignment according to Dorn and Breuss is the synergetic combination of two methods. The alignment of the spine (Dorn) facilitates the dissolving of energy blockages through the subtle interaction of slight movements performed by the client and the simultaneous massage of the vertebrae. The back massage (Breuss) is a gentle energetic massage of the spine and the surrounding muscles that reduces physical and emotional tension and balances the body's entire energetic system.

Breuss Back Massage

breuss1The Breuss massage (named after the Austrian naturopath Rudolf Breuss) is a gentle massage of the back that stretches the spine slightly and loosens the muscle tissue. The massage oil contains soothing tinctures that are being absorbed through the skin. The stretching massage movement has a relieving effect on the vertebrae which contributes to their regeneration.

The muscles on both sides of the spine are being massaged gently and rythmically from the tailbone to the neck which increases blood circulation and relieves tension. This massage has an instantaneous relaxing effect on both the physical and emotional level which helps the system to release blockages. At the end of the massage the back is covered with silk paper and excess energies are being discharged.


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A short resting period allows the client to enjoy the relaxation a bit longer. Due to the deep sense of relaxation the Breuss massage is the ideal preparation for the spinal realignment. But it is a complete method in itself that can be especially helpful with extremely sensitive people.


The Dorn Method

It was Dieter Dorn who developped this method after having been cured from a slipped disk by an old farmer who had pushed the vertebrae back into position. Initially, Dorn applied his new knowledge in a somewhat amateurish way but through observing over many years all those who would request his help he acquired a deep insight into the connection between the spine and the rest of the body. According to Dorn, a slightly tilted pelvis is the cause for a large number of problems. Seemingly unequal leg lengths (in most cases, the legs are not different in length anatomically speaking) indicate a so called subluxation of one or both hip joints. Subluxation in this context means a minimal displacement of the hip joint that cannot necessarily be detected through x-rays. Such a displacement can arise directly after birth when the newly born is held upside down on one leg (fortunately, this practise is a thing of the past now) but also through poor posture in daily life. Dorn concluded that the spine will try to balance the tilted hips out in order to maintain the body's general "static".

This, together with sitting down for long periods of time, lack of exercise, stress and a number of other factors, leads to muscle tension and the slight displacement of vertebrae. Dorn found that his clients experienced an improved state of health in other areas than the spine following his treatment and he concluded that there must be a connection between the condition of internal organs and the spine as is known in Chinese medicine and chiropractic. Dorn's method is twofold in that the realignment should be supplemented by exercises the client has to do regularly at home.

Seeing that the position of the pelvis is of such crucial importance, every treatment starts with the measuring of the leg length and the alignment of the hip joints. Only then the spine itself is worked on.

Next the position of the sacrum is checked and, if necessary, corrected. With a great deal of sensitivity and in constant communication with the client, the therapist checks the position of every individual vertebra from the lumbar area up to the neck. Misaligned vertebrae are gently pushed back into position while the client makes a swinging movement with either legs or arms depending on the part of the spine that is being worked on. A little bit of massage oil eases the alignment and helps the vertebrae to regenerate. It is imperative to always treat the entire spine, a partial alignment is not possible.









The Dorn massage is a gentle, yet powerful method that does not bear any risks to cause injuries. It is recommended to give the body a couple of days rest before engaging in any strenuous activities.

A session of both methods combined lasts about 1h30.


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