We are looking for flight companions


Some animals get adopted abroad and need to get to their new home by plane. But, of course, they cannot travel on their own, they need a flight companion.
If you are flying with an "animal-friendly" airline, why not take an animal on your ticket? It's easy, doesn't cost you anything and helps an animal and its adoptant to get together.


Being a flight companion - what's involved?


In fact, there is very little the flight companion has to do. He just makes his booking available for the reservation of a space for the animal's transport box on the plane. The costs are covered by the animal rescue organisation who is responsible for the adoption.


The animal is taken to the airport by a repesentative of the organisation who will als be present at the check-in. Once the animal's papers have been checked and approved, the box goes to the special luggage area.

On arrival, the flight companion waits for special luggage items among which will be the box with the animal. He then takes the box to the arrival hall where he will be awaited by either the adoptant himself or another member of the animal rescue organisation. That's all. A small effort that makes a big difference! Contact us for more information or if you would like to take an animal to the country of its new home.







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