Short term foster homes for adopted dogs


For those dogs who have been adopted abroad we are always looking for foster homes where they can stay between a few days and three weeks. As soon as we have found a flight companion for a reserved dog, i.e. we know exactly when he is going to leave, we try and find a place where he can stay until departure. Like this, he can already leave the kennel environment and get used to a home and living with people (again).

Sometimes, this involves a little bit of house training. It is also a time during which the foster family can observe the dog a bit closer than we are able to do at the kennel. We are always very grateful for the feedback from the foster home. It is important to give the dog lots of TLC but not get too attached because he will definitely leave.





Fostering puppies


Puppies cannot go to the shelter because of the danger of infections that could potentially be fatal for them. We always do our best to get puppies homed as quickly as possible but in the meantime, they need to be fostered.


Fostering puppies (or a pup) is a labour of love but greatly beneficial for the socialisation of the young animal which in turn increases its chances of being adopted. In case we do not find the pup a home, he will normally have to go to the shelter when he is old enough.So, no one gets lumbered with a pup for ever more.


Longer term foster care


Those who enjoy foster care and do not mind a dog staying a bit longer, might consider looking after an animal that is ill or injured and needs special care for a while. This kind of foster care would be in very close collaboration with the association.

Older dogs are sometimes in need of foster care as well. Life at the shelter is stressful for the dogs, especially for those animals that are getting old. Giving such a dog a comfortable space for the last part of his life is a very generous thing to do and is always greatly appreciated.




If you would like to know more about providing foster care or consider offering your help, please contact us.


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