Associação Amiga dos Animais

The animal rescue association Pegadas & Bigodes is looking after around 100 dogs. The shelter is run by volunteers and relies entirely on donations for food, vaccinations, anti-parasite medication, kennel material etc.

volunteers1The work of the volunteers consists in the first place of the daily care of the dogs, cleaning out the kennels, feeding, giving medication. It is quite a fun thing to do and although it is true that you have to get your hands dirty, it's also true that you get dozens of new friends. The dogs are so happy when the "cleaning and feeding crew" turns up, each one of them makes you the centre of its attention. The volunteers come to the shelter on a weekly or two-weekly basis or however often they are available. Some are just on stand-by.

volunteers2There are other jobs like strimming the land, helping repair and build kennels, trips to vets and to airports (for dogs who have been adopted abroad)...There are many levels on which people can get involved.

You can also become a member of the association. The minimum contribution is 12 EUR a year.*

If you wish to support the association by either donating or offering your practical help, or if you would like to adopt a dog, please contact Pegadas & Bigodes! Thank you so much!

Phone: 933732369
Email: Pegadas & Bigodes

If you wish to donate:
NIB: 0010 0000 47663140001 10



* Zoosaúde Serviços Veterinarios offer discounts for members. Please inquire for more details.


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