A Range of Langley Machines and Accessories


MK I and MK II

The Langley Hogroaster offers a cost-effective solution for medium to large catering events. It can feed up to 150 guests with ease. With the optional poultry rack accessory it can roast up to 10 large joints of meat or 30 chickens at a time.

And for Christmas, with our new spit-pole turkey prongs, it can roast up to 5 large turkeys at a time, perfect for big Christmas parties!



The motor mechanism is one of the best available, and with our own design gearbox, it will give years of trouble-free service. Langley machines are equipped with braked steering castors to hold them securely in place during use and while in transit.



The MK I has a window made of Pilkington safety-glass whereas the MK II has a solid stainless steel lid.






A large capacity carving and serving tray comes standard with the Langley Hogroaster.




Apart from the Langley MK I and MK II, a larger machine, similar to the standard Langley Hogroaster but with a longer 1.5m cooking chamber is also available. It will roast up to a 100Kg with ease.


Measurements and Specifications

  • Catering grade stainless steel construction

  • High quality motor and gearbox

  • Easily manouverable with locking castors

  • Safety-glass viewing window (MK I only)

  • Individually controlled power-burners

  • Large carving serving tray

  • Propane or Butane gas

  • Full range of accessories

  • 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

  • No VAT


Roasting chamber:

1.35m long and 70cm wide


Weight: 90kg


Height: 92cm.


Length: 1.8m.


Gas consumption approx. 2kg per hour.


Detail view of the gas controls




Gear box and motor assembly




Surgical grade stainless steel spit pole assembly with tools


High quality electric motor

Optional Accessories


Optional accessories include poultry roasting racks, condiment trays and carving trays.




Optional carving stand with spit pole mount



Optional poultry and joint rack



Optional chicken rack

New Products

Suckling Pig Unit

(mobile – for catering)


This machine is fitted with a 1m cooking chamber (all other dimensions are the same as the MK I unit), a double burner and two separate gas regulators. It can be used in a variety of ways. The standard three sets of prongs allow you so roast three suckling pigs of 9-11kg at the same time.





Attachment Tools (optional)


A single pig or lamb of up to 40kg can be cooked in this machine with a set of additional attachment tools.





Spitbars (optional)


The unit can also be used as a chicken roaster. The attachment shown on the right with either three or six sets of bars will hold 15 or 30 chickens according to the number of spit bars. Alternatively, each bar will hold 2 joints of meat (up to 3kg each).










Spit bars and prongs combined (optional)


The versatility of this machine can be increased even more by combining spit bars and prongs. In this way, you can roast three suckling pigs and 15 chickens (or 6 meat joints of maximum 3kg each) at the same time.








Chicken rotissier (optional)


We also manufacture a rotating chicken rotissier for this machine which can hold 20 to 25 butterfly chickens.


Some approximate cooking times:


3 suckling pigs 11kg


40kg pig or lamb


15-30 stuffed chickens


3 meat joints









Single Suckling Pig

Table Top Unit


This single burner unit for home use is ideal if you wish to roast smaller quantities of meat. It comes complete with a single set of prongs that allow you to cook a 9-11kg suckling pig.


A tray in the bottom of the machine catches the excess fat and makes the clean-up very easy. This tray can also be used to keep the meat warm.


The spit is driven by a powerful 220 Volt, 6 Watt electric motor housed in a stainless-steel casing. The motor has a simple and secure slide on fitting for easy mounting and removal.






Addtional set op prongs (optional)


With the optional second set of prongs this unit will roast two British style stuffed chickens or two joints of meat.
















Chicken rotissier (optional)


The additional chicken rotissier holds 2-3 butterfly chickens.




cooking chamber width 75cm

total body width 92cm

width 50cm

height (lid closed) 42cm

Approximate cooking times


9kg piglet

2 – 2,5h

2 stuffed chickens

1h - 1,5h

2-3 butterfly chickens


2 meat joints

1,5h - 2h