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Larfin Yurts - Handmade Yurts in Portugal. 

Yurts and Pod Prices

(Includes wooden door frame with canvas door flaps, wood or metal crown, rooflight, ropes and tent-pegs)

5M yurt: 3.500 EUR
4M yurt: 2.800 EUR
3M pod: 2.100 EUR

Yurt Parts and Extras

Wooden door in frame (replaces wooden door frame): 480 EUR (approx 4-6 weeks notice required)
Roof poles 4M or 5 M: 10 Euros each.
Trellis Section of 12 crosses (3 per 5m yurt): 280 Euros
Trellis Section of 9 crosses (3 per 4m, 2 per 3m yurt): 220 Euros
Ornamental Metal Crown: 400 Euros
Wooden Crown: 350 Euros
Wooden Door Frame: 180 Euro

3M Yurt Roof Cover: 290 EUR
4M Yurt Roof Cover: 420 EUR
5M Yurt Roof Cover: 580 EUR
3m Side Panels with window: 300 EUR
4M side panels with window: 400 EUR
5M side panels with window: 500 EUR
Rooflight (fits 4 and 5 metre yurts): 150 EUR
Insulation, made from recycled fibres for 3 metre yurt: 100 EUR
Insulation, made from recycled fibres for 4 metre yurt: 150 EUR
Insulation, made from recycled fibres for 5 metre yurt: 200 EUR

Canvas 3M Tension Band: 50 EUR
Canvas 4M Tension Band: 65 EUR
Canvas 5M Tension Band: 80 EUR
Canvas Door Flaps: 60 EUR

Ranges and Wood-Burners (unpainted)

Small-size range with built-in oven: 300 EUR

Mid-size range with built-in oven: 450 EUR
Mid-size range with oven and backboiler: 550 EUR

Large-size range with built-in oven and backboiler: 750 EUR

(Painting 30-50 Euros - varies according to size)

Bottle Burner (unpainted): 90 Eur
for Painting add: 20 EUR

Plain Steel Double Gates

3 Metre: from 400 Euros
4 Metre: from 600 Euros

Painting with Hammerite: 65-75 EUR (according to size)

Ornamental Double Steel Gates (sample prices only)
(Actual prices vary, depending on design)

3 Metre: from 800 EUR
4 Metre: from 1000 EUR

*Delivery charge not included

*Fitting for gates and burners: 7.50 EUR/hour plus materials

To order or for more information, please contact us on :

Larfin Yurts
Larfin Yurts
Larfin Yurts Crown
Larfin Yurts Burners
Contact us :
+351 236 488024  
mobile :
+351 916 471506  
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