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Larfin Yurts - Handmade Yurts in Portugal.

Larfin Yurts are based on a Turkic yurt design. These are bentwood yurts which have roof poles that curve upward from the trellis wall allowing for more headroom and added stability. Because there is no need for central poles to support the roof the Turkic yurt has a more spacious open feeling inside.

For our frames we use Acacia wood from the local forest. This has proven itself over the years to be an ideal material for yurt building. Acacia spreads quickly and grows very densely, so we encourage the use of this wood to allow native species a better chance to survive.

For the covers we use modern high quality 100% cotton duck canvas which is water and rot proof, as well as fire retardent. We can offer either a fitted or a square roof cover. The square cover can be stretched out to provide additional shade and ventilation in the summer. Light enters the yurt through a window made of transparent PVC, and a removable roof light.

For the crown, you have the choice between wood or metal. The wooden crown is lighter in weight whereas the metal crown offers more scope for individual design by our metalwork artist.

For yurts intended for permanent use, we can supply carded wool blanket insulation. The blanket material is inserted between the trellis and the canvas cover. Pure wool is one of the best insulation materials against cold, an important consideration in winter.

To further enhance the comfort of a yurt a smaller 3 meter “pod” yurt can be fitted to the main yurt. A second door is inserted in the main construction and the “pod” is attached to create an en-suite situation, ideal for a kitchen or bathroom, or for additional storage.

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