Point of Departure

From the womennet meeting on "Life in Portugal" emerged the desire to work together on a vision of "making it here", individually and as a community.
What motivates us?

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Reality - Are we subject to it, doomed to freedom or do we create it?
What's your take on reality?

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The life experience is something we all share, yet it is completely unique to each individual.
How would you put in a nutshell what Life is to you?

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...are your mental and emotional condition in any given situation. A state of joy or one of anger, a state of excellence or one of frustration...
How do you know what state you're in?

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Inspirational Links

Estrela Community Exchange - is dedicated to revitalising our local economy using an alternative, or complementary, means of exchange

The United Awakening Peace Strategy - Problem / Cause / Vision / Strategy
This website is dedicated to changing society for the better. Very intersting to look at the content from the point of view of beliefs and values.

Inward Quest Great Forum for all questions relating to Law of Attraction.