The existentialist approach

we have been thrown into reality through birth

our circumstances are a combination of forces beyond our control, luck and personal effort and choice

the purpose is to make the best out of it

The epistemological approach

we create our reality by naming what we perceive

the way we connect phenomena through language is malleable

we have a choice in the way we assess phenomena

the purpose is a maximum of inner resources

The metaphysical approach

we are spiritual beings in a body

we have chosen to experience physical life

we create our reality through beliefs, thoughts and feelings

deliberate creation is the purpose


There are innumerable possibilities along this line. Where do you situate yourself?

Here is a little test. Which option would be your first choice? You might also make use of more than one in your way of dealing with situations.

1. You have a wish that's a bit out of the ordinary. Do you:

a. save up so that you can buy it?
b. ask yourself why you want it and think about a number of strategies how you could get it?
c. imagine what it feels like to have it?

2. You live in Portugal and you realise you might run out of money some time soon. Do you

a. go back to your country of origin and get a job or sell some of your assets?
b. make a summary of all your skills and look at successful people around you you could emulate?
c. get a clear idea of what it is you want, stay positive and trust that you will be pointed in the right direction?

3. You have a conflict with someone. Do you

a. confront that person or wait until the dust has settled and forget about it?
b. put yourself in the shoes of the other and change the way you look at them and think about them?
c. think that it's a karmic issue and do a forgiveness ritual?

4. A person or animal dear to you has died and you find yourself grieving quite intensely. Do you

a. go through all the stages of grieving and let time heal the wound?
b. try and be aware of what is actually happening in your mind while you think about that being and then try to move away from thoughts of loss and towards thoughts about the good times you had together?
c. feel that you are connected through all times and dimensions and that you will see that being again?

You get the idea...

Now you should have an idea what reality approach you are closest to. If you see reality like in...

The existentialist approach

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The epistemological approach

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The metaphysical approach

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