Tiny House Moderna - your mobile living space

Our tiny houses are produced by a team of local craftsmen and with the use of the best materials in order to offer you a sustainable product at a fair price.

Among a great variety of uses for a tiny house are:

  • Downsized home
  • Bed and breakfast/ chambres d'hôtes accomodation
  • Extra guestroom
  • Studio or workshop
  • Office
  • Streetfood- tiny house
  • A place to retreat in the middle of ´’somewhere’



Technical Specifications*:

* see below for more photos

We are open to your requests, ideas or design plans and will do our utmost to meet with your requirements.* We put your dream on wheels!

*Some legal restrictions apply

Price : € 11,820 ex VAT

Price excluding interior installations (kitchen, bathroom) and furbishings. These can be added as extras to the customer's specifications.

You will have to obtain a Portuguese log book for transport of the tiny house on public roads.

Please see our FAQ page for more information or feel free to contact us. Our workshop is open to the public on Thursdays from 9h till 17h (directions on request).



To see the enlarged image click on thumbnail and and drag a tiny bit.