Copy Writing


If you have all the information about your product or service but do not have the time to prepare the text, we are happy to do this for you. We send you a draught for approval and integrate the approved text into your website.


Price: 25EUR per 500 words






Although English is the most widely used language on the internet, it may be important to have your website translated into another language or multiple languages.


For example , if you want to reach customers from other countries we can not only translate an entire website into the languages below but we can also translate and forward email correspondence between you and your customer.



- English

- German

- French

- Dutch

- Portuguese




Price: 15EUR per 500 words



Image Work


One of the most important aspects of your website are the illustrations. If you need photo preparation in Photoshop or other kind of image design work we are happy to assist.


We also offer a photography service if required. Please contact us for an individual quote.



Proof Reading


Do you need to make sure your text is linguistically correct?


We offer proof reading on texts and websites that have been translated into English. We make corrections where necessary and return the texts to you or to your webmaster.


Please contact us for an individual quote.





Have you got a name for your website or business but need a good logo to go with it? We can create a professional looking logo for you. We work with you through the process so you get exactly the logo you need.




Price: 25EUR


Business Cards


It is always a good thing to have a business card handy to give when you meet people who are interested in your product or service.


If you are not sure how to go about creating the layout and graphics for your card or if you require technical assistance so you can print your own cards, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you or create a great looking business card for you.


Price: 25EUR



Leaflets and Brochures


We offer a full design service for leaflets and brochures, please contact us for more information.



Website Management


If you are looking for someone who can update the contents or lay-out of your website, we are happy to assist. Please contact us for prices.




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